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Fingerprinting for DOT Employment

March 29th, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“We offer fingerprinting for many different reasons.  Today I fingerprinted a client who needed to get her fingerprints done to apply for a new job.  She was going to work for the Read the rest of this entry »

Fingerprinting for Caregivers

March 29th, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“Are you looking to be a certified Caregiver for a loved one or for a company? If so, you are required to obtain a Level One Clearance Card. Not only are we able to take care of your fingerprints for this process, but we also carry the needed applications. You can stop in for your fingerprints, and also leave with all the necessary paperwork. Consider us your one stop shop!”-Kayla, Fingerprint Tech

The FD-258 Card

March 28th, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“Fingerprinting is a necessary service for restaurant owners who hold a liquor license. And today I fingerprinted a person in downtown Phoenix who was renewing their license with the Department of Liquor in the state of Arizona .  He was wondering if we can use the card that the department sent him. The answer is almost always “Yes!” because the cards are all FD-258 fingerprint cards.”-Angelica, Fingerprint Tech

City of Mesa Business Licenses

March 28th, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“Did you know that the City of Mesa requires some businesses, like second-hand stores and massage parlors, to complete background checks before issuing them a business license? We are the exclusive fingerprint vendor for the City of Mesa. Once you have received your authorization form the City of Mesa, you can stop by anytime Monday through Friday between 9am to 6pm at our Mesa office which is conveniently located right down the street from the City of Mesa.”-Kayla, Fingerprint Tech

Out of State Licensing

March 26th, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“Opening shop today, I had a small group of students who needed fingerprinting for Texas Licensing. Yes, we are able to print your fingerprints onto a standard FD-258 card for out of state licensing. If you need multiple cards for multiple states, we can do that too! We also provide fingerprint verification forms for states in which require us to fill out the information stating that you, in fact, did not take your prints yourself. We are not only taking your fingerprints, but we are checking your identification, too. So be sure to bring a current government-issued, unexpired photo ID. Look forward to serving you!”-Melissa, Fingerprint Tech

10 Cards in 5 Minutes – We can do that!

March 25th, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“Early this morning I had the pleasure of fingerprinting the CEO of a large restaurant corporation in his Phoenix office. He was doing the process to obtain a liquor license for many new restaurants he plans on opening in Arizona. (Sorry, but due to privacy concerns, I cannot tell you the name of the restaurant!)  When dealing with more than one restaurant, as an owner, it can be a little time consuming having to be fingerprinted with ink especially if you need more than one card. In his case he needed 10 cards. He was very pleased that we offer digital fingerprinting and only needed about 5 minutes of his time. This is only one of the great qualities Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting Network offers to our customers. If you would like to utilize our mobile fingerprinting service contact us today!” – Melissa, Fingerprint Tech

AZ Board of Nursing Fingerprints

March 24th, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

Today I fingerprinted a customer that was applying for the Arizona State Board of Nursing for a CNA License.  We offer fingerprinting services for Arizona state and for out of state too.  We have the BON fingerprint cards so we can help you – even if you messed up your card! Just come in – the process for getting fingerprinted is very quick.  Our average on time is from 5 to 8 minutes per person.  Remember, No Appointment Necessary.” – Angelica, Fingerprint Tech

Fingerprints for the AZ State Bar

March 24th, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“Need to get fingerprinted for the Arizona State Bar? We are the perfect place to assist you. We frequently get clients who need fingerprinting for the State Bar. We use our standard FD-258 card, which is what they require. Let us help you to make your admission process to the State Bar a little less stressful! See No. 6 on the Admission on Motion Documentation Checklist. Look forward to serving you!”-Kayla, Fingerprint Technician


Fingerprinting for the City of Mesa

March 21st, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“As the official fingerprint vendor for the city of Mesa, I have the pleasure of meeting many of the COM’s new employees and volunteers!   We offer fingerprinting services for the city of Mesa in our office at 456 W. Main St in Downtown Mesa located  just between Country Club and Extension, N side of Main.  All our locations are walk-in only –there is no appointment needed. We accept cash, credit and debit.”-Angelica, Fingerprint Tech

Fingerprinting for Realtors

March 21st, 2016 by ArizonaLivescan

“Today, I fingerprinted a gentleman for Real Estate. He is currently enrolled in the Arizona Academy of Real Estate and they like to come to us during their break because of our quick and efficient service, leaving them enough time to grab a bite to eat before class begins again.  We carry the Clearance Card application and DPS envelope free of charge at all our locations. If you have any questions concerning the process or what you would need to bring with you, feel free to call me or visit here for more information. ” – Emily, Fingerprint Tech