Fingerprinting for Caregivers

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Requirements to become a Caregiver are listed at the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program site administered by Arizona Department of Health Services and include fingerprinting. Arizona Livescan assists hundreds of caregivers attain their licensing since the program began. Arizona Livescan provides a convenient, private and professional method of completing the fingerprinting requirements for the Medical Marijuana Program administered by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Medial Marijuana Program Fingerprinting Instructions

In Arizona, Arizona Revised StatesĀ as defined by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act

“Designated caregiver” means a person who:

(a) Is at least twenty-one years of age.
(b) Has agreed to assist with a patient’s medical use of marijuana.=
(c) Has not been convicted of an excluded felony offense.
(d) Assists no more than five qualifying patients with the medical use of marijuana.
(e) May receive reimbursement for actual costs incurred in assisting a registered qualifying patient’s medical use of marijuana if the registered designated caregiver is connected to the registered qualifying patient through the department’s registration process. The designated caregiver may not be paid any fee or compensation for his service as a caregiver. Payment for costs under this subdivision shall not constitute an offense under title 13, chapter 34 or under title 36, chapter 27, article 4.

Arizona Livescan provides and easy and efficient way to meet your fingerprinting requirements. If you have already completged your fingerprinting and have submitted your application to AZDHS you can check the status of your application here.

Arizona Livescan has fingerprinted thousands of Arizona residents and we are always eager to assist you in completing your fingerprinting requirement. If you have questions about the fingerprinting process, call on us today!