Getting your fingerprints done at Arizona Livescan is easy

April 29th, 2011 by admin

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Do you remember the last time you got your fingerprints taken? Maybe it was a bit messy. Perhaps there was some smudging. Maybe it took a long time and you wondered if the person doing your fingerprints would ever get it right. Here at Arizona Livescan we understand that getting your fingerprints is just one step in a process for you to get licensed, become a volunteer, begin (or finish) your academic studies. Whatever the reason for getting fingerprinted we know how important it is and having previously offered the ink-rolling service we know how difficult it can be. Now, we use our new Livescan systems which make capturing fingerprints entirely simple and virtually error-free. Ink-rolling is (thankfully) a thing of the past when you come to Arizona Livescan. Our fingerprint service is acceptable by all state, federal and licensing agencies around the country. If you have any question please direct them to Arizona Livescan, Arizona’s premier place to get your fingerprints done!

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