About Mobile Fingerprinting Services

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In charge of finding a fingerprinter to come onsite to fingerprint a VIP (Like a CEO, a Doctor, Board Member, or your Boss!)? Or, perhaps you have a group of students that need to apply for Fingerprint Clearance Cards, or soon-to-be graduates in need of licensing? Or maybe your onboarding a class of new hires? You know what a pain it would be for this to get messed up, right? Let’s say rejected fingerprints result in lost time and more importantly, lost opportunity (missing out on a contract or a job). It could be a minor inconvenience or it could be much, much worse.

That is exactly why our corporate clients choose us over and over again. We have written recommendations and letters from people just like you who have been utilizing our services as well as countless positive online reviews. Our mobile fingerprinting system can accommodate 1 or 1000 applicants. We can set your appointments for multiple days, or periodic visits (like every Tuesday, once a month or each semester).

For individuals, our mobile fingerprinting service saves them hours in travel time. The efficiency and accuracy of Arizona Livescan™ will minimize disruption to their work flow and allow them to quickly get back to business (without ink on their hands). Save valuable company resources by using our mobile fingerprinting service (and earn brownie points with your boss).

For groups, our mobile fingerprinting system is clean, accurate and efficient. It provides instant verification of classifiable fingerprints to ensure your fingerprints will not be rejected. The speed of live scan allows us to efficiently capture digital fingerprints. For you, this means that members of your organization will not be standing by waiting for their turn.

Arizona Livescan™ also provides a walk-in fingerprinting office for any members of your organization who miss the on-site group fingerprinting session. In addition to on-site fingerprinting, we offer identification photo services.

On-site fingerprinting service is perfect for orientations, workshops, seminars and continuing education gatherings. Serving all of Arizona, pricing is dependent upon the distance traveled and the number of fingerprint cards required. With Arizona Livescan™’s walk-in fingerprinting office you will always know where and how you can reach us.  Get your mobile fingerprinting quote today!