Fingerprinting in Mesa, AZ

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Need to get your fingerprints done in Mesa, AZ? Looking for a fingerprint place in Mesa? Arizona’s premier fingerprinting location using ink & livescan fingerprinting just got a little closer. In addition to our many offices, you can now find Arizona Livescan in Mesa, AZ.

We can also take care of your ID Photos and notarize documents, too. This location also offers FBI fingerprinting reports!

Please note that the Mesa Police Department does not provide for employment, background checks, etc. The closest fingerprinting office to the City of Mesa can be found at:

Arizona Livescan
456 W. Main St. Ste. D
Mesa, AZ 85201

Remember, if you needĀ fingerprinting in Mesa, AZĀ  visit the Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting Network!

Digital Fingerprinting Guaranteed

Digital & Ink Fingerprinting, Guaranteed!