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December 2nd, 2017 by ArizonaLivescan

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Getting your nursing license in Arizona? Did you know that the AZ Board of Nursing no longer requires that your fingerprints must be rolled on the blue and white card FD-258, sent to you by the Board of Nursing?  Although the FD-258 is the preferred fingerprint card by the local sheriff and police departments, the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) will accept fingerprint cards that:

  • Contain the same information as the FD-258
  • Has the same layout and block pattern as the FD-258
  • Is on 8 X 8 card stock paper
  • Are obtained via Livescan and printed to the card

So, when you arrive at Arizona Livescan locations we will supply you with one of our cards that are accepted by AZBON.  Our computer will ensure that all blanks at the top of the fingerprint card [except employer, the reason for fingerprinting, OCA #., FBI #., Armed Forces #., and miscellaneous #, and ORIG] are completed.

Please note:  Fingerprint clearance cards issued by the Department of Public Safety are NOT acceptable.  Please remember to submit your fingerprint card as soon as possible to expedite the process.  A permanent license will not be issued until fingerprint results are received.  Results can take up to 6-8 weeks to receive.

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