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Can you bring in your own Fingerprint Cards?

August 31st, 2011 by ArizonaLivescan

Yes. You can bring in your fingerprint cards and we can print your fingerprints on them. We always prefer to use customer-supplied cards because there may be specific coding (ORI) that links back to the agency requiring the fingerprints. We supply the standard FBI card as well as AZ DPS Fingerprint Application forms and packets at no additional charge. call us at 602-246-3444 if you have any questions.

If you need to apply for your nursing license or rewew your nuring license you will need to get your fingerprints done. There are many options for getting your fingerprints done. Here are the Fingerprint Instructions for the Board of Nursing as well as licensure information. We fingerprint all nurses in all states.

Fingerprinting for Volunteers at GESD

August 26th, 2011 by ArizonaLivescan

 If you are going to be volunteering for the Glendale Elementary School District there are many opportunities for free fingerprinting sessions. A recent article in the Glendale Star states, “The fingerprint cards are cleared through the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Parents, guardians and community members who want to participate in school-related volunteer activities must, according to district policy, be fingerprinted.”

If this pertains to you, then take advantage of these fingerprinting sessions! Here is a link to the press release explaining the service and who can take advantage of the fingerprinting service the school district is offering. For more information contact the Glendale Elementary School District. These fingerprinting sessions are being held at the GESD District Office and are only for GESD volunteers.

If you are volunteering at your child’s school contact the school first to see if they provide fingerprinting. If not, we are happy to assist you with your fingerprinting needs!

Arizona Schools – Fingerprint Clearance Cards

August 15th, 2011 by ArizonaLivescan

If you are applying for certification through the Arizona Department of Education (ARS 15-534), Charter School Instructor (ARS 15-183), and Tutors and Teacher Preparation Programs (ARS 15-534) you must apply for a Fingerprint Clearance Card requiring Identify Verified Prints. A separate application exists for this type of clearance and the form specifically states on the top of it: “Identity Verified Prints”. If you were never issued a Fingerprint Clearance Card with an IVP Number on it you must submit Identity Verified Fingerprints with your application. Arizona Livescan can perform IVP Fingerprinting services for you or your school. Our Fingerprint Technicians are experienced in capturing the best possible fingerprints and filling out the form ensuring that all requirements are satisfied. If you have any questions please contact us at 602-246-3444.

If you are applying for a Fingerprint Clearance Card with the AZ Department of Public Safety (AZ DPS) you’ve come to the right place. We provide fingerprint rolling services for all types of fingerprint clearance card applicants. Whether you are in need of Identy Verified Fingerprinting (IVP) services, Level One Clearance or a regular fingerprint clearance card we can assist you.

AZ DPS and Livescan Fingerprinting

Although AZ DPS is not yet equipped to receive Livescan Fingerprinting uploads from private collections agencies, we utilize the Livescan technology to collect the best possible fingerprint images and apply them to standard FBI FD-258  fingerprint cards using an FBI-Certified printer. This fingerprint collection process allows us to capture the best images of your fingerprints thereby avoiding delays and missed deadlines for returned prints.