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Yes, we provide mobile fingerprinting in Mesa, fingerprinting in Avondale, fingerprinting in Chandler, fingerprinting in Peoria and fingerprinting all over the valley! But we are not only a mobile service! You can send your employees, contractors, and volunteers for fingerprinting to our office in Phoenix, AZ at any time. With Arizona Livescan you’ll always know where and how you can reach us. We provide Arizona fingerprinting services in our office or at yours!

Fingerprinting Clearance for Arizona Appraisers

September 2nd, 2011 by ArizonaLivescan

If you need to get your fingerprints done to apply or renew your AZ Appraiser license you do not have to go to a police department or local law enforcement agency. You can come to a private fingerprinting agency like Arizona Livescan.  Our fingerprint cards are accepted by the Board of Appraisal. In fact, here at Arizona Livescan we use the best technology to get the best fingerprints and then we apply your fingerprints to the card supplied by the Board. Please bring in the fingerprint card from the Arizona Board of Appraisal. To obtain a fingerprint card, pick up one from the Board office or send a 9″ x 12″ self-addressed envelope to the Board office. The fingerprint card received from the Board office must be the card used for fingerprints because it has specific agency data preprinted on it. You can reach them at (602) 542 – 1539.  Our fingerprinting services cost only $20 using our Livescan system. If you have any questions you may contact us at 602-246-3444.

Fingerprinting for Volunteers at GESD

August 26th, 2011 by ArizonaLivescan

 If you are going to be volunteering for the Glendale Elementary School District there are many opportunities for free fingerprinting sessions. A recent article in the Glendale Star states, “The fingerprint cards are cleared through the Arizona Department of Public Safety. Parents, guardians and community members who want to participate in school-related volunteer activities must, according to district policy, be fingerprinted.”

If this pertains to you, then take advantage of these fingerprinting sessions! Here is a link to the press release explaining the service and who can take advantage of the fingerprinting service the school district is offering. For more information contact the Glendale Elementary School District. These fingerprinting sessions are being held at the GESD District Office and are only for GESD volunteers.

If you are volunteering at your child’s school contact the school first to see if they provide fingerprinting. If not, we are happy to assist you with your fingerprinting needs!