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Yes, we provide mobile fingerprinting in Mesa, fingerprinting in Avondale, fingerprinting in Chandler, fingerprinting in Peoria and fingerprinting all over the valley! But we are not only a mobile service! You can send your employees, contractors, and volunteers for fingerprinting to our office in Phoenix, AZ at any time. With Arizona Livescan you’ll always know where and how you can reach us. We provide Arizona fingerprinting services in our office or at yours!

Making Mobile Fingerprinting Much Easier

May 31st, 2012 by ArizonaLivescan

We are making mobile fingerprinting in Phoenix much easier. With our new online form you can submit all of your information online and receive your mobile fingerprinting quote via email.

I want a quote for mobile fingerprinting! Go right to the form!

Remember, for those who miss your group’s fingerprinting session our office is always open for walk-in service! Mobile, walk-in or both!

AZDLLC Fingerprinting for Liquor License

January 18th, 2012 by ArizonaLivescan

Applying for a DLLC License? Do you need to get your fingerprints done? If so, you’ve come to the right place. All Arizona Livescan fingerprinting is acceptable by the Arizona Department for Liquor License & Control. In fact, with our livescan system your fingerprints are instantly verified, virtually eliminating rejected fingerprints. According to the AZDLLC, “new owner (s), agent (s) , partner(s), stockholder(s) (10 percent or greater ownership), member(s) (10 percent or greater ownership), officer(s), or club members(s) are to complete personal questionnaires and fingerprint cards.”  If you are applying for an Arizona liquor license consider Arizona Livescan your fingerprinting provider.


Public and/or Charter School Contractor, Subcontractor of Vendor and their Employees must have Fingerprint Clearance Cards per ARS 15-512. If your organization falls under any Arizona Revised Statute requiring a Fingerprint Clearance Card then Arizona Livescan is your first step in the process. The Fingerprint Clearance Card background check process not only involves a state-level background check, but a federal one as well. The law states that if the contractor provides services directly to pupils without the supervision of a certificated employee they need a fingerprint clearance card. If you or your organization have any questions regarding whether or not you are required to have a Fingerprint Clearance Card or about the type of background check that is performed please contact the Arizona Department of Public Safety at 602-223-2279.

Mobile Fingerprinting in Scottsdale Today!

December 7th, 2011 by ArizonaLivescan

Today, we are taking our livescan mobile fingerprinting unit to Paradise Valley, Scottsdale. Our Phoenix, AZ office is open from 9 to 6 for livescan fingerprinting! With multiple livescan units Arizona Livescan can meet your large group fingerprinting needs and still serve our walk-in customers. And remember, if you think you don’t need digital fingerprinting, know that livescan fingerprinting has a 99.9% acceptance rate which translates into classifiable fingerprints, no delays and no rejected fingerprints! Livescan, digital fingerprinting is crucial when fingerprinting large groups. Why? Old-fashioned ink-rolling can become tiresome after the fingerprint collector has fingerprinted two or three people. Ink fingerprinting is already error-prone and moreso with large groups. Call 602-246-3444 to schedule your mobile fingerprinting with livescan today!

Mobile Fingerprinting

October 5th, 2011 by ArizonaLivescan

Does your company need to fingerprint a group of employees, volunteers or teachers? If so, you’ve found the right partner in Arizona Livescan. Our mobile livescan fingerprinting system is portable, efficient and provides instant verification of classifiable fingerprints. This means your fingerprints will not be rejected and, most importantly when fingerprinting groups, because our livescan system is so efficient, your employees will not be standing by waiting hours for their turn. We can also provide an extra set of fingerprints with the click a mouse. In addition, our team can also perform Notaries for you, too, Our mobile fingerprinting team is at your service! Call us at 602-246-3444 or email us at

Onsite fingerprinting is great for orientations, workshops and continuing education gatherings. Save valuable company  time and gas by using our mobile fingerprinting service. We serve all parts of the Metropolitan Phoenix.

In order to best serve you we will ask you for the following information:

  • What is your address?
  • Will your organization pay for the group or will each individual pay?
  • Is this for Fingerprint Clearance Cards? If so, is it for Identity Verified Prints? (This will help us prepare and bring sufficient supplies.)
  • What day and/or times would you like us there and for what duration (ie: 1.5 hours)?
  • Would you like us to visit on a recurring basis? If so, is it weekly, monthly, etc.?

Please contact us to discuss your mobile fingerprinting needs. Thank you for your interest in our mobile services.